1. BMW M3 E92
    12/10/2015 @ 8:20 pm

    […] whopping 3,700 lbs with the DCT transmission. This was 300 lbs heavier then the previous generation BMW E46 M3. While the hp was increased from 333 to 414 hp, the torque was slightly up from 270 to 295 lb-ft of […]

  2. BMW M3 E36
    01/04/2016 @ 3:06 am

    […] BMW E36 M3 still has a presence, its nothing compared to the E30 M3 and then the next generation BMW E46 M3 which brought back the M3’s powerful exterior cues to the […]

  3. 10 Reasons to Own a BMW E46 M3
    02/23/2016 @ 8:40 pm

    […] if you want to know all about the E46 M3, you can read our outline on the car here, but if you want the reasons you should buy the car, start reading […]

  4. Melissa
    02/27/2017 @ 6:13 pm

    By FAR the most attractive BMW ever made, by far the ‘coolest’ M3 ever made.
    The look is TIMELESS, I drive an 02 as my daily driver and I get compliments (and pulled over) left and right.
    Yes it seems ‘slow’ off the line but when you get to mid range…watch out, 3rd gear is insane in this car.
    I can afford to have any car I want and I choose this M3, I plan on buying another as well.
    The interior is peaceful as there are not so many dash options and lights everywhere, the engine is just a work of art.
    As far as reliability, I would have to say even as they age and get up there in mileage they are VERY reliable, if you care for these cars they will take you to 200K easily.
    My heart rises and falls on the E46 M3.
    If I ever get married, I would prefer he buy me one than a ring 🙂

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